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UK Delivery £5.99 under £50
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UK Delivery £5.99 under £50
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UK Delivery £5.99 under £50
Free UK Delivery over £50
UK Delivery £5.99 under £50
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Trade Paint

Here at Painters World, we only sell trade paint meaning our paints are the very best quality. We are often asked however, what is the difference between trade paint & retail paint? Well, there are a number of key areas; coverage, application & durability. While generally trade paints can be more expensive, they offer higher durability, the ability to be flexible with watering down & coverage generally much better than retail paints.

We offer all leading brands such as Dulux Trade, Crown Trade, Armstead, Rust-Oleum, Johnstones Trade, Zinsser, Macpherson, plus many more! A large number of our trade paint can also be tinted to any colour using our paint mixing service. Simply find one of our many paints labelled 'tinted colours' and type in the shade you would like in the text box or find the shade on our colour charts. We do the rest!

Our most popular trade paints include Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt, Dulux Trade Diamond Matt & Zinsser Allcoat Exterior Satin Anthracite Grey.

If you require any help, our team are on hand to help. Send them an email - or send us a message on social media!

Shop the full range of paints on offer here at Painters World below & get FREE next working day delivery on all orders over £50.

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What is Trade Paint?

This is a question we are asked a lot here at Painters World, as the vast majority of paint we sell is trade paint, although we do stock a number of high-quality retail paints. The answer is, all major manufacturer's of paint such as Dulux & Crown offer both a retail and trade version of their paints. This is because a professional decorator in the paint trade requires a high-quality paint that will offer excellent coverage, to save in labour costs, and leave a professional finish. This means that paint manufacturers create higher quality versions of their emulsions that although cost slightly more, offer better value to a trade painter & decorator.

This does not mean however that trade paint is not far everyone, anyone can use it. It will provide you with a much better end finish than using a slightly cheaper retail paint that you can buy at large DIY stores up and down the UK. Not only this, but trade paint is much more durable than retail paint, meaning that the professional finish you can achieve will last much longer without being requiring a freshen up.

You may be thinking if trade paint exists, why would everyone not use it? Ultimately, paint brands are always trying to cater to their customers, with many DIY'ers wanting a cheap emulsion paint to decorate their home. This is why retail paint exists, as it can be cheaply made and mass distributed. Not only this, but retail paint is often divided up into a wide number of paints for specific jobs, such as ceiling paint or kitchen & bathroom paint. The reality is, these paints are simply versions of matt, eggshell or silk emulsion paint that have been labelled to make it as simple as possible for the average customer.

For the small difference in price, you will get a much higher quality paint if you opt for a trade paint rather than a retail paint.

Can Anyone Buy Trade Paint?

You may be wondering whether trade paint is only for professional decorators. The answer is absolutely not, anyone can buy trade paint, the only reason why it is a less known product compared to retail paints is that retail paints are much more widely available as they are targeted at a mass market. If you want a better quality product than retail paint that does not come with the marketing gimmicks that many retail paints come with, you can easily buy trade paint from a decorators merchant like Painters World.

Why is Trade Paint More Expensive?

Trade paint is more expensive than retail paint as it has a more advanced formulation that helps to offer greater coverage and a much higher quality finish. For example trade matt emulsions have added vinyl to allow them to be wiped without removing the paint. Overall, trade paint yes may be more expensive, but they offer better value for money. While you may save some money on retail paint upfront, the chances are you will have to apply three coats of paint, instead of the two coats that most trade paints offer. This immediately means that you will use a third more retail paint to cover the same area, which negates the upfront savings.

We would especially advise you opt for a trade paint when painting an exterior surface. The demands of weather conditions mean that retail paints will fail much faster than trade paints, beginning by discolouring and then peeling within a matter of years. By spending slightly more on the quality of your paint, you will save time, effort and money, not to mention the added protection trade paints can offer the surfaces you are treating. Emperor Masonry Paint for example is completely water repellent, which helps to prevent the deterioration of exterior walls, which is caused by water ingress.

Trade Paint Brands in The UK

As we have mentioned, the major manufacturers of paint have both retail and trade brands. There are a number of paint brands that are trade-orientated only, such as Armstead, Macpherson & Leyland that focus on high-quality paints aimed at tradespeople.

A number of the best trade brands are:

• Dulux Trade

• Crown Trade

• Macpherson

• Armstead

• Zinsser

Where To Buy Trade Paint

Here at Painters World, we offer trade paint at the most competitive online prices, plus we offer free next working day delivery on all orders over £50, so you can get the paint you need, when you need it. We also stock a huge range of sundries, meaning you can get everything you need to complete a project in one place.

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