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UK Delivery £5.99 under £50
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UK Delivery £5.99 under £50
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UK Delivery £5.99 under £50
Free UK Delivery over £50
UK Delivery £5.99 under £50
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Paint Brushes

No decorating project could be completed without a trusty brush! We have a massive stock of Purdy, Hamilton, Kana & Axus paint brushes. Having the right tools for the job is crucial, that is why we only sell the best brushes for people who want quality trade paint brushes!

A lot of our brands are hand made meaning you won't get any bristle loss and you will also achieve a much higher finish.

Wondering what brush you will need? Well, typically synthetic brushes are for use with water-based paints and bristle brushes for use with oil-based, however you can use either depending on personal preference.

While to many buying a paint brush is a secondary thought behind what paint you are going to use, it is important to note that a good paint brush will last you years if you treat it right. It may be tempting to go for the budget option but don't, a good brush will hold more paint and apply it more evenly.

Shop the full paint brush range today and get FREE next working day delivery when you spend over £50.

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What Paint Brush To Use

With so many paint brushes on the market, it can be difficult to know which one to use for what task. Here is our full breakdown of paint brushes and when to use them:

• Natural bristle - these bristles are designed to be used with oil-based paint, as they absorb water, which means they are not suitable for use with water-based paint.

• Synthetic bristle - these bristles are designed to be used with all paint types and are made from artificial materials.

What Size Paint Brush Do You Need?

If you are 'cutting in' and painting edges, use an angled bristle paint brush which will allow you get the best finish. Why not try the Hamilton Expression Angled Brush? For exterior wood, Hamilton developed the 4" Hamilton Timbercare Brush, which uses a blend of natural bristle & synthetic filament for excellent pick-up and spreading rates. For exterior masonry a swivel head brush such as the Hamilton Prestige Swivel Head Wall & Masonry Brush is excellent for large surfaces that require painting on both the top and bottom of the walls. Maybe you need a range of brushes depending on the job at hand. The Kana Advantage 5 Piece Brush Set & Hamilton Prestige 5 Piece Synthetic Brush Set offer fantastic value for money, both containing five brushes of various sizes.

How Much Do Paint Brushes Cost?

Paint brushes vary in price, especially between quality. While you can pick up a paint brush at a DIY store for a couple of pounds, these paint brushes will be very poor quality, not only meaning they will only last you a couple of uses, but also making the decorating process more difficult and leaving a poor finish. A good-quality brush is specially designed to last years and to give you the best possible chance to achieve a professional finish, which let's be honest is the most important part of decorating. No one wants to go to the effort of painting a room, only to have it look untidy.

High-quality brushes can cost between £2.50 for a small sash brush to £13 for a large angled brush, however there is a quality brush for anyone's price range. We would highly recommend opting for a brush set such as the Hamilton Prestige 5 Piece Synthetic Brush Set, which offers excellent value for money, and will mean you have a fantastic paint brush for any decorating job for years to come.

Where To Buy Paint Brushes

Here at Painters World we have everything you need to get decorating, whether you are a professional decorator or a DIY'er. This includes our full range of trade paint brushes from leading brands such as Hamilton, Purdy & Wooster, who all offer high-quality paint brushes for any job. Remember, if you spend over £50, you can get all of your decorating goods with free next working day delivery, so you can get what you need, when you need it.

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