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UK Delivery £5.99 under £50
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UK Delivery £5.99 under £50
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UK Delivery £5.99 under £50
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Wood Varnish

Wood varnish is a popular choice for protecting interior & exterior wood. It is available in both water-based and solvent-based formulations and a range of sheens. It offers this protection by creating a protective and waterproof barrier on the wood that enhances its natural beauty.

One of the biggest manufacturers of wood varnish is Sadolin, that offers a great range of clear protection. Whether you are protecting your wooden floor, interior doors, skirting boards or furniture we have the right product for the job. Or if your project is outside we stock Sadolin Yacht Varnish & Sadolin Extra Durable Clear Coat that are both excellent exterior wood varnishes.

Shop the full wood varnish range & get FREE next working day delivery on all orders over £50.

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What Is A Varnish?

While a woodstain penetrates into wood, a wood varnish is a transparent protective wood treatment that create a film on the timber to protect it from damage. Varnishes will harden on the surface on the wood while most often coming in a clear formulation that enhances the natural beauty of the wood. Due to the durability that a varnish offers they can be used on a range of interior and exterior wooden surfaces, especially furniture, doors & floors.

Why Use A Wood Varnish?

Wood varnish is perfect if you want to protect wood from scratches, chips and marking that will damage the surface. By creating a clear protective coating, wood varnish serves to protect and enhance wooden surfaces, while a woodstain and wood paint will alter the appearance and colour of the wood.

Is Wood Varnish Waterproof?

Wood varnish offers waterproof protection to wooden surfaces which is why they can be used on exterior wood as well as interior wood. They are not water repellent like some coatings, but they do offer water protection for the timber, which is a highly porous surface that will absorb moisture if left untreated. This is what causes swelling, rotting and cracking of the wood.

What Finishes Are Varnishes Available In?

Even though wood varnish is often clear, this does not mean that it will not alter the appearance of the wood at all. The varnish creates a sheen on the surface of the wood, either matt, satin or gloss depending on the level of sheen you would like. Gloss is a popular choice as it offers excellent durability as well as providing a shiny finish on the wood that can give it a beautiful light that can make the wood stand out.

How Much Is Wood Varnish?

The price of wood varnish can vary depending on the quality you opt for. As a general rule our experts always recommend that you buy the best you can afford in the case of any decorating supplies, whether a wood stain, a paint or paint brushes and rollers. For a 2.5L tin of wood varnish you can expect to pay between £30-£45 for a high-quality varnish that will provide you with years of protection for wooden surfaces. The truth is, when you buy a cheap paint, you will have to pay twice.

How Often Should You Varnish Wood?

While some wood varnishes can last in excess of 10 years, it is generally considered that a 5 year lifespan is the average time a varnish finish will last before it should be reapplied.

Where To Buy Varnish

Here at Painters World we have a fantastic range of varnishes, decorating tools & supplies that are all available with FREE next working day delivery on all orders over £50. That means you can get the varnish you need, when you need it!

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