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What Is Vinyl Matt Paint?

At Painters World, we are always looking to offer the very best help & advice to make the decorating process as easy as possible. That is why we have put together this handy guide to vinyl matt paint as we are often asked questions like what is vinyl matt paint, what is the difference between matt and vinyl matt & what are the best vinyl matt emulsions? In this guide, we are going to try and give you a comprehensive guide to vinyl matt, so you know everything you need to know to get the right paint for you!

Vinyl Matt Paint

What Is Vinyl Matt Paint?

So firstly, what is vinyl matt paint? Vinyl matt paint is a water-based emulsion that provides a flat, non-reflective finish. It offers the least reflective finish of the four most popular types of finish; matt, satin, eggshell & gloss. It is a very popular choice by many as it is easy to apply to any smooth interior surface. They also offer great value for money, with all major manufacturer's offering excellent prices on their vinyl matt emulsions.

Vinyl Matt Vs Matt Paint - What Is The Difference?

We have established what a vinyl matt paint is, but what is the difference between matt and vinyl matt paint? Vinyl matt paints contain a resin which is vinyl, that is added to make the emulsion more hard wearing that non-vinyl paint emulsions. This is because almost every major paint manufacturer has both retail & trade versions of their paints.

The trade versions are usually better quality, more hard wearing & offer a higher opacity, meaning it takes less coats to get a professional finish. So, it is often the case that the trade version of matt emulsions are vinyl matt paints, and the retail version is a matt paint. We would always recommend using a trade emulsion over a retail emulsion, as although retail versions can be cheaper, this is a false economy. The trade version will save you money in the long run, trust us!

What Is Vinyl Matt Used For?

So when should you use a vinyl matt paint? Well, vinyl matt emulsions are perfect for interior walls & ceilings in low traffic rooms such as living rooms & dining rooms. These rooms do not require a particularly durable emulsion, making the excellent value for money vinyl matt emulsions the best option.

The flat finish which is particularly ideal for covering any imperfect surfaces, as it is the higher sheen finishes that make these much more obvious. So if you have any uneven walls or small marks, a matt finish is the one to go for!

When Should You Not Use Vinyl Matt Paint?

While vinyl matt emulsion is a great all-round option for interior walls & ceilings, there are a number of areas where you should not use it. For a start, it is an interior only paint. as it does not possess the durability required for exterior surfaces. If you are looking for a matt finish for any exterior surface, then the best option is Zinsser Allcoat Exterior Matt.

Furthermore, it is not suitable for a number of interior walls due to it's susceptibility to scuffs. The major downside to vinyl matt emulsions is that they can be quite easily marked. For high traffic, or high moisture rooms such as bathrooms & kitchens where you are likely to be required to scuff the paint or scrub the wall, we highly recommend you use another emulsion.

There are a number of options, you could either go for an emulsion with a higher sheen such as eggshell paints, or go for a durable matt emulsion. These are matt emulsions that have been developed to still offer a flat matt finish, but coupled with higher durability. Excellent examples of these durable matt emulsions are Clean Extreme Scrubbable Matt by Crown Trade & Diamond Matt by Dulux Trade.

What Vinyl Matt Paints Are Available?

If you are looking for a vinyl matt emulsion, then here are the best options. As we have mentioned, most major paint manufacturer's offer a vinyl matt emulsion, including Dulux, Crown & Armstead. When it comes to professional decorators, most will have a favourite that they have been using since they were an apprentice, which they will swear by! That is why we stock all of the major trade vinyl matt emulsions. All of these can be tinted to any colour you want using the tinting service here at Painters World. All you have to do is type in the shade you are looking for and we do the rest!

We highly recommend Crown Trade Vinyl Matt as an excellent value for money vinyl matt however there are other options on the market for a higher budget. Ultimately, it depends on what you are willing to spend, but there is a brilliant range of products to pick from.

Is Vinyl Matt Paint Washable?

Yes, vinyl matt paint can be lightly wiped with a damp cloth to remove any dirty marks without taking any paint off. This is because vinyl matt emulsions have a higher durability than a standard retail matt paint. Vinyl matt paints however are not scrubbable like acrylic durable matt emulsions .If you are painting a kitchen or a high-traffic room like a hallway, an acrylic matt emulsion is your best option.

We hope this guide to vinyl matt paint has been helpful. Looking to tackle your exterior walls in your next project? Why not read our guide to the best masonry paint? Alternatively, shop the the huge range of vinyl matt paints we have available with next day delivery at Painters World. If you have a colour in mind then you are in luck, as all of the paints on this list are examples of colour match paint, which allows them to be mixed in any shade you want, including designer paint shades. Simply tell us the name of the shade and we will mix it! Plus, you can get FREE next working day delivery when you spend over £50.

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