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Satin Paint

Here at Painters World we have a wide range of trade satin paints from leading brands like Dulux & Crown.

We are often asked, what is a satin paint? Satin finishes offer more sheen, or shine, then eggshell, but less than gloss paint, making it a 'mid sheen' finish. This is what makes it one of the most popular paint finishes in the UK today, especially for interior woodwork, while matt paint is the most popular for interior walls & ceilings.

A large number of satin paints are available for colour mixing! Either find the right shade for you by scrolling through our RAL & British Standard colour charts or simply type the shade you are looking for in the text box on each product page and the team will mix an equivalent shade just for you.

If you require any help with our paint mixing service, get in touch by emailing -

Shop the full satin paint range below.

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What Is Satin Paint?

Paint comes in a range of finishes that vary in terms of level of sheen. These finishes include, matt, eggshell, satin and gloss, with matt having the lowest level of sheen, and gloss having the most amount of sheen. The more sheen a paint finish has, the more light it reflects. Another distinguishing factor between paint finishes and their level of sheen is the durability sheen provides. The more sheen a paint finish has, the more durability it has.

Satin paint is what is considered a mid-sheen finish, with more sheen than matt and eggshell finishes, but less than gloss. This means that it is most often used on woodwork and metal such as doors and skirting boards.

How Many Coats of Satin Paint Is Required?

Like the majority of paints, satin paint usually requires two-coats and a primer, if the surface that is being treated is bare.

Is Satin Paint Washable?

Satin paint as a mid-sheen emulsion is washable yes. Not only is it washable but it offers excellent durability from scuffs and scratches due to its sheen.

Is Satin Paint Water Based?

Satin paint comes in both water-based and oil-based forms, which gives you the flexibility to use the emulsion that you prefer. Many DIY'ers prefer using a water-based satin as they are quick drying, easy to clean and are non-yellowing, which is perfect if you are using a white satin paint for interior trim. Some professional decorators prefer using an oil-based satin as traditionally these have been higher quality than water-based paints, although improving technology now means that both water-based and oil-based satin paints are equally high-quality.

Satin Paint Colours

Satin paint is available from all of the major paint manufacturers in a range of base colours such as white, black and grey, while they also all offer a tinted colours version that can be mixed in almost any colour with the paint mixing service here at Painters World. Simply type the name of the shade you would like (even designer shades) and we will mix your satin paint in the perfect colour for you.

Where To Buy Satin Paint

Here at Painters World we have a large range of satin paint to suit exactly what you are looking for. We also stock a huge number of paint brushes, rollers & decorating supplies, so you can get everything you need in one place.

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