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UPVC Paint For Doors, Windows & Gutters

Finding the right paint for the job can be difficult, especially with exterior painting! What will work on what surface & will it be durable are common questions people have to consider when choosing what paint to use. This is especially the case with hard to paint surfaces such as plastics & UPVC because their doesn't seem to be as many of these paints on the market.

Luckily here at Painters World we make sure that we only stock the highest quality paints for any decorating job, which is why we have a number of excellent UPVC paints available that are perfecting for painting gutters, fascias and soffits & doors.

One of the most popular paints for UPVC is Zinsser Allcoat as it comes in matt, satin or gloss & can be mixed in any colour thanks to our paint mixing service. Simply find one of our many paints labelled 'tinted colours' and type in the shade you would like in the text box or find the shade on our colour charts. We do the rest!

If you require any help, our team are on hand to help. Send them an email - or send us a message on social media!

Shop the full UPVC trade paint range below.

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What Is UPVC Paint?

White UPVC doors and windows were applied to almost every property in the UK in the 80's, thanks to it's maintenance free and double glazed benefits. Unfortunately, these were almost always white, making them often quite dated and a little bit boring. That is why painting exterior UPVC is becoming hugely popular. That is why products such as Zinsser Allcoat Exterior are some of the most sought after products currently, as they are multi-surface paints that can be applied to almost any exterior surface, including UPVC wood & concrete.

The benefit of painting UPVC is that replacing old and worn UPVC is time consuming and costly. The reality is, using a UPVC paint to modernise them is a much more cost-efficient way of transforming your home.

What UPVC Paints Are Available?

There are a number of UPVC paints on the market, however the best and by far the most popular is Zinsser Allcoat Exterior. This is because it comes in matt, satin & gloss, in any colour and does not need a primer, making it the perfect paint for professional decorators and DIY'ers alike. It can be applied to almost any exterior surface, meaning you can match all of your exterior trim using the same paint, and comes with 15 year lifespan. We couldn't recommend it highly enough.

Can You Paint UPVC Window Frames?

Yes, both interior & exterior UPVC window frames can be painted using a good-quality UPVC paint. A modern grey shade like anthracite grey is a very popular shade for UPVC windows as it provides a wonderfully contemporary look that can work on any property, new or old.

Can You Paint UPVC Cladding?

Yes, you can paint UPVC cladding, as with any exterior UPVC. In fact, UPVC dormers and other large pieces of cladding can have some of the best results when painted, completely changing the aesthetic of a property. Once again, anthracite grey is perfect for cladding, which is why it is one of the most popular choices.

How Much Does Painting UPVC Cost?

If you are planning to paint the UPVC yourself, the cost depends on the paint you opt for and the size of the UPVC. If you opt for Zinsser Allcoat, which we would recommend, this has a coverage of 8-12m² per litre, meaning that a 5L tin of paint will cover roughly 25m² with two-coats required. This would easily be enough to paint a number of UPVC windows, although it is important that you take the time to estimate the amount of metres you will be painting to avoid over or under estimating.

Where To Buy UPVC Paint

Here at Painters World, we offer a number of paints for UPVC at the most competitive online prices, plus we offer free next working day delivery on all orders, so you can get the painting and decorating supplies you need, when you need it.

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