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UK Delivery £5.99 under £50
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UK Delivery £5.99 under £50
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UK Delivery £5.99 under £50
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UK Delivery £5.99 under £50
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Floorboard Paint

Are you looking to paint your wooden floorboards, stairs, steps or staircases? There are a number of floorboard paints & stains from leading brands like Armstead, Rust-Oleum, Sadolin & Dulux Trade, that all offer a high-quality finish.

If you require any help deciding exactly what product is best for you or how to best apply it, feel free to get in touch with our team of experts who are on hand to assist you. Send an email to or send us a message on social media!

Shop our full floorboard paint range today & get FREE next working day delivery on all orders over £50.

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What Is Floorboard Paint?

Floorboard paints are specially designed paints that can be applied to floorboards, but what do we mean by floorboards? Floorboards are interior wooden floors that comprise of a number of timber planks. Painting floorboards is a popular to to update a room while not breaking the bank and can be done relatively easily and effectively. Floorboard paints and treatments come in a range of forms, as with all wood treatments:

  • Floorboard paint - a wood paint creates an opaque or solid colour finish on timber that completely covers the grain of the wood
  • Floorboard stain - a wood stain penetrates into the wood to stain the wood, either in a clear coat or a colour system. Due to this it does not cover the grain of the wood, simply enhancing the beauty
  • Floorboard varnish - a wood varnish stays on the outside of the timber forming a protective barrier. While some varnishes come coloured, generally they come in woody and earthy shades to create a natural look

Due to the traffic that floorboards must endure, you cannot simply use any wood treatment on them. It is crucial that you use a wood treatment that either has been specially designed for use on floors or that can be used on floors as well as other wooden surfaces.

Which Paint Brands Offer Floorboard Paint?

There are a wide range of paint brands that offer floorboard paint:

Here at Painters World we only stock high-quality trade paints as we believe that they also offer significantly better value for money no matter if you are a professional decorator or a homeowner.

You may be asking what trade paint is. Well, most major manufacturers product two range of paints; a retail paint and a trade paint. The trade version is designed to be higher quality, offer better coverage, better durability and coat in two coats, as a professional decorator much achieve a uniformly professional finish in as little time as possible. Retail paints on the other hand are designed to keep costs down as the average homeowner often wants a cheap paint to complete a task. The reality is, the trade paint offers much better value as the chances are it will continue performing well past the retail paint has failed, in which case you will have to buy the paint again to re-do the project.

Our number one piece of advice would be to buy the best you can afford, whether with a floorboard paint or a paint brush. The results you will achieve will far exceed those you will get from using cheap paint and equipment.

Floorboard Paint Colours

A question we get asked a lot here at Painters World is what floorboard paint colours do we offer? A large number of our floorboard paints ands stains are available in 'tinted colours', which means they can be mixed in almost any colours thanks to our paint mixing service. To use this, all you have to do is find a product labelled 'tinted colours' and then tell us the shade you would like us to mix. You can do this by selecting one of the many shades in our colour charts, such as RAL, British Standard or NCS shades. We don't display every colour available, we simply display a good range for customers to choose from. To order a colour that isn't on the colour chart, simply type the name or number into the text box. For example if you wanted Dulux Jasmine White just type "Dulux Jasmine White" into the box. This includes equivalent shades from almost all major paint manufacturers, including designer shades.

Whether you want a modern anthracite grey or a clean pure white, there are a huge range of paint colours that are perfect for refreshing floorboards. We particularly love white floorboards as although they are more susceptible to dirt, they can create a wonderfully light feel to a space, especially in tight rooms like hallways and staircases that can often feel enclosed.

Where To Buy Floorboard Paint

At Painters World, we offer a huge range of trade paint, including floorboard paint, plus a range of decorating supplies from paint brushes to dust sheets, so not matter what you need, we have it all in one place. We offer free next working day delivery on all orders over £50, so you can get the supplies you at short notice!

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