Wrecked Rental Property? 5 Quick Decorating Fixes to Re-Let.

We supply decorating products to professionals, amateurs and landlords across the country, so we have heard a few horror stories about the state some properties get left in after short- and long-term rentals. Ultimately if you have bought the property to rent, or rented it out previously, the priority is to tidy it up ready to re-let and start making your investment count. It’s difficult to see the wood for the trees when your house has taken a real beating, so the skill is to keep a cool head and prioritise tasks so that you don’t spend unnecessary time and cash on areas that won’t make much difference. Here are five tips proven to get the tenants queuing up…

1. Give the ceilings a lick of paint

The best way to sell a space is to make it seem as light and airy as possible. You may be undecided as to whether you want to add colour to the walls but freshening up the ceilings are a quick win. We recommend a quality product like Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt White because it really will stand the test of time. It’s a tough product with fantastic opacity and is a wipeable formulation too, useful for any stains that may occur in future.

2. Level up the outside space

Next up, if the property has a garden or patio then spruce this up pronto, as it is a real selling point. The most affordable and speedy methods to do this are to ensure grass and foliage is trimmed and tidy, there is no litter and that the fence borders don’t look in disrepair. The timber used for garden fences needs annual maintenance ideally, to protect it from the elements. Our pick of wood stain is definitely this Sadolin Classic one as it deeply penetrates the wood offering best weatherproofing.

3. Plant life

Even the most difficult to market properties are brought to life by introducing a bit of greenery so pay your local garden centre a visit and buy a selection of bigger, leafy floor plants and then maybe a couple of easily maintained succulents, bearing in mind the property may be stood empty for a few weeks at a time.

4. Tidy up the fixtures and fittings

When a property is empty it may seem difficult to know how to make it look appealing. Replacing, or tidying the existing fixtures and fittings such as light shades, handles on doors and units can make a huge difference, especially alongside some of our other tips. We’d recommend getting hold of a tin of Dulux Diamond Eggshell and spend a couple of hours painting wooden doors, banisters and even giving radiators a refresh. The scuff resistant, low odour, quick dry formula means you can paint in the morning and have viewings in the afternoon.

5. Decorate for your audience

It’s easy to forget that as any other product or service does, your property will be best targeted to a certain demographic. Keep them in mind whenever you’re making decisions on décor. Loads of landlords don’t and hence, their properties can sit empty for weeks.

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