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How to Pet Proof Your Home

If you’re planning on adding to your family with a furry friend or two there are some basic considerations you can make around your home to keep life easy and more importantly ensure they’re safe.

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Believe it or not there are paint products available which can withstand even the wettest dog shake post-winter walk. Our recommendation is Dulux Diamond Matt as it can be tinted to any colour imaginable but it’s extremely practical too. As the name suggests this option really is a diamond. It’s ten times tougher than vinyl silk or matt paints and includes stain repellent technology too! Being water based, in addition to all of the added magic, means you can wipe down surfaces painted in this as many times as you need to; ideal.

2. Minimise Hazards

Little paws will usually eat and explore everything they shouldn’t, so look at your home through cautious eyes to see what can be simplified. An easy way to start is tidying or removing any trailing wires or extension cables, cable clips are a god send for this. You should also ensure all medicine and cleaning chemicals are stored inside a secure cupboard. It is also worth spending some time on google to ensure any house plants or flowers you own aren’t toxic to your animals, as many are extremely dangerous to have around.

3. Flooring

Paying for a sumptuous new cream carpet probably isn’t the best idea if you’re considering a pet, as accidents happen. Laminate or wooden floors are the sensible options and are less likely to be chewed and show early signs of wear. Being able to regularly mop your floors will not only make sure things look cleaner and feel hygienic but will also eliminate any animal odours efficiently.

4. Secure Garden

Be it Dogs, Rabbits or Cats, animals seem to have a skill for investigating places you don’t really want them to and as much as you love them, your neighbours might not appreciate holes being dug in their gardens, so best to secure it before their arrival. Ensure that the boundaries are solid and uncompromised. Old fence panels should be replaced and whilst you’re at it why not give them a lick of paint with Sadolin Classic to help their lasting power.

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