5300 Epoxy Floor Paint

Rust-Oleum specialise in high performance products such as Epoxyshield Maxx, a 2 component water based epoxy.This product is designed for heavy duty traffic such as Fork lift trucks, busy warehouses etc.

Epoxyshield Maxx can be applied onto standard concrete floors or sound existing 2 pack floor coatings. For power floated floors we recommend using 3333 super adhesion primer..

It is advisable to read the data sheet prior to applying this product.

A user friendly and easy to apply water-based 2 component epoxy floor coating with an ultimate adhesion and durability.

  • Maximum durability in just 1 coat
  • For medium to heavy traffic
  • Easy to apply, no primer required
  • Long-lasting gloss finish
  • Best possible car tyre resistance
  • Highly resistant against solvents and chemicals
  • Non-skid or decorative finish optional

The product has an excellent wear, impact and abrasion resistance like foot and vehicle traffic. Resists chemicals and standing water. The product can be applied on concrete floors, which are completely clean and dry. It is not recommended to apply on smooth/dense concrete or concrete containing a curing compound, which will prevent a good adhesion. Can also be applied on old good adhering coatings.

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Epoxyshield Maxx comes in a standard range of colours. If you require corporate colours or simply just want a unique colour we offer another product called Pegakote which can be tinted. For more information please email us or view the link below.