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UK Delivery £5.99 under £50
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UK Delivery £5.99 under £50
Free UK Delivery over £50
UK Delivery £5.99 under £50
Free UK Delivery over £50
UK Delivery £5.99 under £50
Free UK Delivery over £50


At Painters World we offer a range of wood stains such as Sadolin Classic Woodstain Tinted Colour & Sadolin Superdec Satin Opaque Tinted Colour, that are both available in any colour thanks to our paint mixing service. Simply find the right shade for you by scrolling through our RAL & British Standard colour charts or simply type the shade you are looking for in the text box on each product page and the team will mix an equivalent shade just for you.

Wondering which product is best for you? If you are looking for solid colour finish, we'd go for Sadolin Superdec. This is an opaque finish that will not show the grain of the wood underneath. If you are looking for a woodstain that does not cover the grain of the wood, go for Sadolin Classic or Sadolin Extra Durable!

Why not take a look at the full range of interior wood and exterior wood paints, stains and varnishes we have to offer here at Painters World?

Shop the full range below & remember, if you spend over £50 you get FREE next working day delivery.

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What Is A Woodstain?

When it comes to wood treatments, there is a lot of confusion between stains, varnishes and paints. A woodstain is a wood treatment that is used to colour wood. Stains penetrate wood deeply to highlight the grain, while a wood paint blocks out the grain of the wood with colour, and a varnish simply enhances the natural beauty of the wood. This means that woodstains offer a gentle, more natural look when it comes to colouring wood, which is why they are very popular for exterior fences and sheds.

Woodstain Colours

Woodstains both for interior and exterior wood are available in a range of colours. Some of these colours are natural wood tones such as light oak and redwood, which are base colours in Sadolin Classic. However, Sadolin Classic is also to be mixed in almost any colours thanks to the Painters World paint mixing service. All you have to do is type in the name of the shade you would like and we mix it. This means that no matter what shade you are looking for, you can have it mixed in a high-quality woodstain.

Can You Paint Over Woodstain?

Yes, you can paint over woodstain. In order to help the paint adhere, it is recommended that you use a light-key sandpaper on the surface before painting. Unfortunately, this does not work the opposite way round as wood paint covers the grain of the wood, meaning the wood stain would not achieve the correct finish.

How Many Coats of Wood Stain Are Required?

When using Sadolin Classic, it is recommended to use one coat of Sadolin Classic followed by two coats of Sadolin Extra in order to provide a durable long-term finish.

Where To Buy Woodstain

Here at Painters World we have a fantastic range of trade paint, decorating tools & supplies. This includes wood paint, woodstain & wood oil, that are all available with FREE next working day delivery on all orders over £50. That means you can shop a huge range of woodstains and all of the other supplies you need in order to get your project completed.

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