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Why Is Zinsser AllCoat So Effective?

Zinsser has long been associated with innovation and quality, having been around for over 150 years. Their products exist to solve common issues for professional contractors and DIYers alike and the AllCoat range is no different.

We currently stock three paint products from the range;

Why Choose Zinsser AllCoat For Your Project?

The AllCoat range is designed for the ultimate performance. It offers protection to all outdoor surfaces including wood, metal, masonry, plastic, concrete and cladding which is why it’s often a staple item in so many professional decorators core kit. It is also completely mould resistant and boasts an impressively long-lasting finish at 15 years! It offers this by forming a vapour-permeable coating which, in layman’s terms, means it is extremely breathable allowing water vapour to pass through it, instead of settling and forming mould particles. The technology in AllCoat is so sophisticated that it can be tinted to any colour, is flake, cracking and blistering resistant, has a biocide ingredient to protect against fungal degradation and is also a completely self-priming product, saving you precious time and money per job you undertake. Simply apply two coats, one as a base and the other as a sealing topcoat and the result will look great, last ages and have additional moisture resistance due to the double layer barrier.

What Sizes, Colours and Finishes of Zinsser AllCoat Are on Offer?

The standard and tinted options are available in black and white and gloss and satin finishes in 1 litre and 2.5 litre sizes. These two products are extremely versatile and can be bought in a variety of colour bases and can be tinted to create any bespoke BS, NCS or RAL colour, enabling an exact colour match for your project or customer. The standard colour option can also be bought in a larger 5 litre pot, as this is the most popular item in the range.

The solvent-based product is also available in 1 or 2.5 litres but as the name suggests is a satin only finish, in black or white.

The Best Bits of Zinsser AllCoat…

If you’re still unconvinced on the AllCoat range here are a couple more factors that might clinch it and make it your go-to exterior paint of choice.

The tinted and water-based paint are perfect for airless spray application (a great timesaver!)

Super-fast recoat time of just 1 hour with the water based and tinted products and 3 hours with the solvent-based paint (but it’s shower proof after an hour so no nasty surprises with the unpredictable British weather)

The solvent option can be applied in temperatures as low as 5 degrees, and it dries just as quickly as in warmer weather, so really helpful for jobs in chillier seasons

Our Team of painting pro’s would be happy to discuss any queries on the Zinsser AllCoat range. Alternatively, we might be able to help you out within other areas of decoration so feel free to contact us here or via our Facebook or Twitter accounts.