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DIY Project Painting a Fence with Sadolin Classic

Sadolin Classic Rosewood was used to repaint this garden fence. Sadolin Classic is a high quality long lasting Woodstain and can be used on a variety of surfaces such as decking, fencing, cladding, sheds, fascias, garden furniture and garden buildings.

This fence was looking rather tired and in need of some love so i decided to paint it in something that would last longer than standard fence paint. In previous years i have painted with a cheap fence paint however i was fed up of having to repaint every summer so i wanted to do a good job preparing the wood and then apply a product that would last. I decided to use Sadolin Classic which proved to be a very good choice. First I was impressed with the coverage of the product, i managed to cover the full fence with 5 litres. Previously when i have used Shed & Fence paint it has taked at least 10 litres to cover the same area so even though the Sadolin Classic was considerably more expensive for a 5 litre i have instantly used half the material which evens out the cost a little.

Here are the steps i took in order to prepare the surface & then apply the Sadolin Classic Rosewood.

•step 1. Apply Zinsser Mould Killer by spray to the entire surface. As there are trees and bushes around the fence there was quite alot of green growth, it is important to get rid of and green growth as this will reduce the longevity of the product.

•step 2. After leaving overnight i used 120g Sandpaper to remove any remaining build up of mould or dirt etc.

•step 3. I applied Sadolin Classic with 2 brushes. For the front piece is used a 3" Hamilton Prestige Syntetic Brush and for the sides i used a round sash brush which was very effective.

Below is a Before & After picture and also a list of the products i used.