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How to Decide on the Best Paint for Your Project

With a list of colours and finishes longer than your arm, it’s difficult to know where to start when redecorating, so we have put together some advice before you even think about spending any money. Hope it helps!

Find Out What’s on the Wall or Item Now.

In a lot of cases you’re probably going to know what has already been used, either by sight or because you did the job previously. However, if you’re unsure, there is an easy way to find out.

Pick up some methylated spirit from your local DIY shop and on an old tea towel rub it gently on the wall or item. If paint transfers onto the tea towel the paint is a water based one, like emulsion, and if it remains clean it’s most certainly oil based.

Decide What You Like & Need.

Do you have awful childhood memories of a matt brown paint from a grandparent’s house? Or perhaps a happy memory of a boutique hotel you once stayed in with contemporary grey walls in a silk, high shine finish? Our tastes change, and are dictated to sometimes by memories we hold, so look in shops and on paint charts to see what you like, and what your style and age of property would suit.

Are you trying to shabby chic an item of furniture? Or paint a fence? Then you know you’ll probably need a specialist product such as our personal favourite Sadolin Classic (the Ebony shade is particularly cool).

Understand What’s Available.

In most DIY stores, such as ours, they stock the main four groups of paint finish. These are;

  • Matt or Flat Matt- as the name suggests this product is velvety and hides imperfections well for walls that may be less than perfect.
  • Satin & Silk- these two are mid-sheen finishes, so give the impression of a lightly polished surface, therefore reflecting some light. These also do show lumps and bumps on the wall more though, however on woodwork a satin finish covers any flaws and gives a ‘softer’ appearance.
  • Eggshell- This beauty sits somewhere between the satin and matt finishes, pretty much like the shell of an egg (as the name suggests!). It gives a classic, versatile finish to wood or walls alike.
  • Gloss- An ultra-shiny finish, mainly used for woodwork and reflects a shed load of light. Looks lovely when used in contrast with a super flat matt wall.

Be Realistic About Longevity.

You might really like a matt look but consider if that is going to suit your needs and how long you are willing to wait until you next decorate. If you need to be able to wipe a high traffic area then you need to search for a finish that is sympathetic to that, but also won’t need redoing in 6 months.

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