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Product Code: 100403

Emperor Masonry Creme

£104.17 exc. VAT
£125.00 inc. VAT

Emperor Masonry Creme

A technically advanced, clear masonry cream that creates an invisible protective waterproof barrier on brickwork & stone properties. It creates a super hydrophobic coating on exterior walls that completely repels water while remaining completely breathable. This allows water vapour to escape the property, but does not allow moisture to soak into exterior walls, which is a key driver of penetrating damp. By keeping walls dry, the masonry cream has been scientifically proven to keep masonry up to 6°C warmer on average.

Key Features

  • Super hydrophobic (water repellent)
  • The masonry cream does not alter the appearance of the property
  • Does not seal the surface, making it highly breathable
  • Dirt cannot attach to the wall once the masonry cream is applied, making it self-cleaning
  • Heat-retaining (keeps masonry up to 6°C warmer on average)
  • The masonry cream is for use on brick, sandstone, natural stone, mortar and concrete
  • Only requires one coat of cream, applied using a spray machine, roller & brush
  • Penetrates up to 17mm into the brick or stone for longer lasting performance
  • Certified to act as a thermal insulation layer
  • Reduces penetrating damp
  • Discourages green growth & discolouration that is caused from constant wetness
  • Independently tested and certified

Why Use A Masonry Cream?

Often when a property is painted using a masonry paint, it receives a level of protection from the weather. When left bare, masonry becomes susceptible to damage and decay from moisture that can find it's way into any gaps or cracks in masonry. When this moisture freezes, it expands, causing the cracks to grow even larger each time. Eventually, the masonry and pointing can become significantly damaged, resulting in costly remedial work. That is where masonry cream comes in, as it offers an invisible protective solution for homeowners that do not want to change the appearance of their property, but want to protect their exterior walls.

By preventing water ingress on exterior walls, masonry cream also provides an effective energy saving measure. To put simply, wet walls result in cold walls, as moisture acts as a thermal bridge, allowing heat to transfer out of a property. By keeping exterior walls dry, this bridge is removed, and heat can be more effectively maintained. Independent tests carried out on Emperor Masonry Creme for example showed a 6°C difference in an untreated wall, compared to a wall that was treated with masonry cream.

Technical information

3-5m² Per Litre
Brush, Roller or Airless Spray
Application Temperature
5° C or above
Number of Coats
One Coat
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