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12" Hamilton Perfection Long Pile Roller
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12" Hamilton Perfection Long Pile Roller

For superb paint pick-up and a great finish on rough surfaces. This Sleeve Comes with end caps to fit a 12" Double Arm Frame.

Sizes avaialble: 4", 9", 12" and 15"

  • Hard wearing polyamide fabric for excellent paint pick-up, coverage and an even finish.
  • Midi roller with larger fabric surface for additional paint pick up and less splatter.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Bearing system to prevent skidding.
  • Thermobonded to prevent fabric from unwinding even when soaked in water or solvent.

All Hamilton Rollers are manufactured in the UK! To ensure the best quality they are also Thermoboned.

Thermo bonded means the surface of the plastic sleeve core is melted and the fabric is wound on to the molten core. This allows greater longevity of the roller as there is no glue to break down.