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10KG Wallrock Power Adhesive
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Wallrock Ready Mixed Power Adhesive

Wallrock Power Adhesive is specifically designed to be used with the Wallrock Fibre Lining Range, however it can also be used with other wall coverings. The product is designed to be used straight out of the tub so there is no need to dilute with any water like some other ready mixed adhesives. The smooth, easy to use adhesive has excellent wet tack properties and slides easily for perfect hanging and pattern matching whether you choose to Paste-The-Wall or paste the paper wallcoverings.

Features & Benefits
  • Suitable for most types of wallpaper
  • High performance aqueous paste based on a blend of natural starches
  • Thick, smooth, easy to use formula - roll or brush straight from tub
  • Low splatter, high wet tack, easy to slide and position
  • Added PVA for increased strength, resistance to moisture and humidity
  • Contains an inhibitor to prevent mould, yeast and fungal grow

Can be used to hang

  • Wallrock Products*,
  • Anaglypta Products*,
  • Standard Wallpapers,
  • Embossed Wallpapers,
  • Paste-The-Wall Wallpapers,
  • Expanded,
  • Heavy-Weight & Luxury Vinyls and Fabric & Glassfibre Wallcoverings.
  • *not recommended for Wallrock Thermal Liners, Insulators Range, Cosy Liner KV300 or Sound Insulation where Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive should be used.
Direction For Use

Surface Preparation

  • Surfaces should be clean, dry, sound and free from loose paint, plaster, dust and mould.
  • Drywall and other absorbent surfaces must be sized and completely left to dry.
  • Sizing should be completed at least 4 hours before. Pasting And Hanging - Paste-The-Wall
  • Refer to wallpaper manufacturers label for specific instructions. Ensure wallpaper is suitable for Paste-The-Wall application.
  • For best result use a roller to apply Wallrock Power Adhesive generously and evenly to the wall. Ensure coverage of the wall from floor to ceiling is complete.
  • A coverage rate of 1Kg per 5m2 (2.2lb per 53ft2) is suitable for most products.
  • Paste up to two widths of wallpaper at once to reduce decoration time.
  • Apply paper to pasted wall.
  • Simply position wallpaper sheet by sliding and smooth into final place under pressure using a squeegee, wallpaper brush or damp sponge.
  • Complete hanging and trimming as normal.

Pasting And Hanging - Paste-The-Paper

  • Refer to wallpaper manufacturers label for specific instructions - eg. soak time etc.
  • Protect surrounding areas (floor coverings and furniture etc) from splashes and drips.
  • Paste wallpaper generously, ensuring that edges are fully covered with the paste, allow heavyweight papers to soak until supple, (unless Paste-The-Wall products ie. Wallrock).
  • A coverage rate of 1Kg per 5m2 (2.2lb per 53ft2) is suitable for most products.
  • Ensure edges are stuck to the wall.
  • Remove any paste from the face of the wallpaper and surrounding area immediately with a damp cloth or sponge.
  • Clean tools and equipment in warm soapy water.


  • Do not thin or add water to the adhesive.
  • Not suitable for hanging borders or overlapping seams on vinyl wallpapers.
  • For best results use vinyl to vinyl adhesive for hanging borders, overlapping seams, and for repairs.
  • Contains fungicide and biocide to inhibit mould, yeast and bacteria. Keep away from children and animals. Wash hands thoroughly after use.
  • Do not empty into drains or watercourses. Waste should be disposed of using authorised disposal routes and sites.