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Wallrock Thermal Liner + 5kg Thermal Liner Adhesive
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Wallrock Thermal Liner + 5kg Thermal Liner Adhesive

Wallrock Thermal Liner

Wallrock Thermal Liner is the most popular member of the Wallrock Thermally Efficient Wallpaper range. It has been listed by the Energy Saving Trust because of it thermal efficiency and energy saving properties. Being 3mm in thickness it offers worthwhile energy savings, for example 15% on typical solid brick external walls (see BBA certificate). All Wallrock Thermally Efficient Wallpapers work to save energy from the moment the heating is turned on, by slowing down the rate at which a cold walls soak up heat energy - and allowing the room to warm up considerably faster, in some cases more than halving warm up times, creating a comfortable room environment with less energy. This effect is valuable in any home with solid walls and even those with external or cavity insulation - especially where the heating is regularly turned on and off. Once the room is warmed up and comfortable, Wallrock Thermal Liner goes on working, producing steady energy savings.

Furthermore Wallrock Thermal Liner has excellent capability to cover and reinforce poor plaster and other surfaces such as plasterboard, blockwork and wood panelling.

Wallrock Thermal Liner also helps reduce condensation problems and in many cases eliminates them - as more room warmth is retained at the wall surface at an earlier stage in the warm up phase there is far less opportunity for condensation to form on a cold wall and consequently a reduced risk of unhealthy mould growth.

The surface of Wallrock Thermal Liner is longlasting, durable and suitable for painting directly, although for a perfect finish we recommend cross lining with Wallrock FibreLiner Original, Wallrock Fibreliner Smooth or Wallrock Fireliner (avoid the use lof standard linings) which allows not only painting but also the application of decorative wallpaper.

This product is suitable as a localised ‘problem solver’ for cold external walls and is not recommended for use in fire escape routes inside your home unless the surface is further treated with a fire retardant covering. This product is class E fire rated and should not be used for projects such as new builds and extensions where Building regulations are applicable.

  • Significantly reduces heat loss and room warm up times
  • Combats mould and damp formation for a healthier environment
  • Covers damaged and cracked plaster and textured surfaces
  • Hypoallergenic - suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Resists mould formation for a healthier home
  • Produces a smooth surface for decorating
  • Contains no PVC or fibreglass
  • Allows your walls to breathe
  • Significant energy savings
  • Sound insulating
  • Fire Rating : E

single length: 10m x 75cm coverage: 7.5m² approx