Product Code: 1800
Rust-Oleum 769 Metal Primer Red
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Single pack rust primer for direct application on slightly moist or dry metal surfaces. Proven formula since 1921!

  • Minimal surface preparation (manual derusting)
  • Unique low-odour formula based on fish oil
  • Penetrates the rust to the metal
  • Expels moisture & air and encapsulates rust
  • Can be applied on slightly damp surfaces
  • Durable corrosion protection, both with and without topcoat
  • In combination with i.a. 7500 Alkythane®, this product can even be used in corrosion class C4 according to ISO 12944

769® - the wonder primer that started it all! Scottish-born sea captain Robert Fergusson noticed that the rusty deck of his vessel stopped corroding in places where fi sh oil had been spilled. This discovery inspired the captain to develop the first fish oil-based anticorrosion paint. In 1921 he perfected a type of paint that prevented rust and was capable of drying overnight without leaving any unpleasant odours. RUST-OLEUM® Corporation was born.