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2Kg Toupret TX 110 Rapid Drying Filler
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Toupret TX110 Rapid Drying Filler

Toupret TX110 is a Rapid drying filler, for interior use, it comes in a powder form and mixes with water prior to application.

Key Features

  • The ultimate filler
  • No need to spot prime
  • Will not flash or grin
  • Exceptional adherence
  • Excellent shaping qualities


• Application tools : coating knife, blade or trowel.
• Tools cleaning : with water.

Suitable Substrates:

TX®110 applies on new or renovated, painted or unpainted
Substrates :
• Gypsum plaster, plaster tiles, plaster boards
• Old painted surfaces
• Cement, concrete, cellular concrete, breeze blocks, bricks, stones
• Primed wood


TX®110 can be coated with any filler, any conventional paint or conventional wall-coating. Do not cover straight with polyurethane or solvent-based epoxy paints. If using a solvent based paint, a first primer coat of waterborne masonry paint is highly recommended.