Product Code: 3155
15 x 9" Purdy Colossus Rollers 1"Nap
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Full Carton containing 15 x 9" Purdy Colossus rollers.

Rollers are all 1" Nap with 1 3/4" core. Will fit most 1 3/4" Frames.

Our Colossus™ series features high capacity roller covers that load and release an exceptional amount of paint. Made of an exclusive formulation of 100% polyamide, Colossus™ roller covers lay paint off very smoothly and carry a remarkable amount of material to the surface without dripping or splattering. This product rolls one-third farther than traditional lambskin roller covers and backrolls over 10,000 square feet – other products wear out in less than half the time. Perfect for rolling a great deal of new drywall quickly, Colossus roller covers hold and release more paint than any other Purdy roller fabric. Designed for heavy-duty painting projects. Also great for stucco, T1-11 siding, brick or rough-textured walls.