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1.5Kg Toupret Interior Filler - Ready Mixed
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Toupret Ready Mixed Filler

Toupret Ready mixed filler can be used straight out of the tub which is ideal for small jobs or when there is not much time. Once the tub has been opened you can re-seal and come back to use the filler at a later date. Toupret Ready mixed filler is designed to be used inside only! Suitable for interior walls & ceilings whether they have been previously painted or bare. Once the filler is fully dry you can overcoat with any emulsion. Once of the best features of this product is how it sands so easily, leaving a very smooth finish.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Ready to use
  • No need to spot prime
  • Resists flashing and grinnning
  • Very easy to sand when overfilled


Unpainted or Painted

  • Gypsum plaster, plaster tiles, plasterboards.
  • Old painted surfaces
  • Cement, concrete, cellular concrete, breeze blocks, bricks, stones.
Technical Info
Consumption 1.5kg ready mixed / 1litre
Second Coat When fully dry
Overcoating by Any type of paint or wallpaper or any Toupret Filler
Colour White