tesa Precision Masking Tape Range

Tesa Tapes are supplied around the globe. It is no surprise they are one of the leading manufacturers of high quality masking tapes. These tapes are crucial to decorating when you need to achieve a sharp edge or want to protect delicate surfaces such as wallpaper. Tesa offer a range of precision tapes which are all available from Paintersworld!

Tesa 4334 Precision Masking

tesa 4334 Precision Mask masking tape consists of an extra-thin and strong Japanese rice paper (Washi) backing and is recommended for use on a range of surfaces, including glass, aluminium, PVC and wood.

The combination of the highly equipped backing material and the special adhesive formulation allows easy removability has now been increased from 5 months to 6 months. The translucent backing allows for easy positioning it is also easy to tear by hand.

tesa 4334 Precision Mask masking tape has the added benefit that it can be used outdoors. Suitable for almost all outdoor paint jobs, it can be used with all common kinds of paint and lacquers.

tesa 4334 Precision Mask masking tape is easily removable up to 8 weeks outdoors in direct sunlight, without leaving residues and offers the precise razor sharp paint edge and no paint bleed for which it’s renowned