Restoration of the German U-Boat U534 using Rust-Oleum Alkythane® 7500

A unique project that required a system that could be used in more humid and damp conditions that offers great anti-corrosion protection, that is why Rust-Oleum 769 damp proof primer made from fish oil alkyds was perfect as it can be applied in damp conditions and works by extracting all moisture creating a re-coatable surface

This project was specified by our own in house specifying advisor. The client wanted the U-boat to be coated in the original colours from when it was first built with an anti-corrosion system. We had to consider the condition of the U-boat and the levels of corrosion evident after it had been under-water for so many years. We also had to factor in the time of year that the project was being undertaken. After the submarine had been thoroughly cleaned without causing anymore damage we opted for a three coat system that comprised of Rustoleum 769 damp proof primer followed by a coat of Rustoleum 1060 High Build primer and finished with Rustoleum Alkythane 7500 topcoat. All these products contain high levels of rust inhibiting pigments and are also tintable to any colour this allowed us to achieve the original colour of the submarine. The U-boat was then cut into sections and placed on display at the Woodside Ferry terminal