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Olfa 18mm Speed Blade Cutter Pink
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Limited Edition Olfa Knife Pink 18mm

Olfa Limited Edition Speed Blade Cutter with Auto-Lock

  • FITS 18mm BLADES

Purely Made in JAPAN

Because quality counts, OLFA designs, develops and manufactures its products in Japan.

Ever since Yoshio Okada, the founder of OLFA CORPORATION, invented the world's first snap-off blade cutter in 1956, OLFA has been committed to developing practical and safe hand-held cutting tools.
OLFA brand blades are made with top quality materials, forged with technologies that stem from traditional sword-making, sharpened with technologies that give a blade life, and ultimately finished with the craftsmanship that brings all of this together.

The holders and handles that allow users to gain the full cutting performance of these high quality blades are designed, developed and manufactured in Japan and subjected to stringent quality checks throughout the process.
OLFA is proud of the unwavering quality that goes into every product it makes.