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750ml Isolac Aqua Satin Tinted Colour
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Isolac Aqua Satin Tinted Colour

Isomat Aqua Satin is a water based enamel paint. Being water based it will not yellow like oil based paints. The enamel additive makes it extra durable, giving it the durability of oil based paint systems. Isomat Aqua is Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is characterized by high elasticity, excellent coverage and outstanding resistance to weathering and ageing. It offers strong adhesion and is suitable for repainting surfaces coated with paint or old water soluble enamels (enamel or oil paint). It provides a uniform satin surface. Buy Online Today.

Directions For Use.

For previously painted surfaces sand down surface and then apply 2 coats of Isomat Satin directly onto the surface.

For Bare wood we recommend using Isolac Aqua Primer first then 2 coats of Isomat Satin.

Colours! the most accurate colours to choose from are Isomat Colours! however we can offer equivalents to most paint colours. Please feel free to email first if you would like us to confirm. 

Coverage 12 square metres per litre